hortas residencial building

guimarães, residential

Caldeiroa car parking

guimarães, portugal, services

rehabilitation of the old Jordão Theater building

guimarães, rehabilitation, services, culture

services building in lusaka

rehabilitation of a building in guimarães historical center

guimarães, portugal, rehabilitation, residential

services building in guimarães

guimarães, portugal, services

inamar headquarter

mozambique, maputo, services

masterplan housing project daga kholpa

housing, urbanism, senegal

competition entry for the “redevelopment of porto slaughterhouse”

portugal, idea, news, rehabilitation, services, public space, culture

tour emergent

Côte-d'Ivoire, shopping, hotel, services

quimonda, nanium


quimonda, itarium


vaz da costa industrial building extension

guimarães, portugal

vilartex industrial building

guimarães, portugal

eb 2/3 taipas school

guimarães, portugal, school

l09 house

guimarães, portugal, residential

almeirim municipal crematorium

portugal, services, public space

gymnastics training center of guimarães

services, public space

swimming pools of ribeirão

swimming pool, sports, public space

tvm headquarters

institutional, mozambique, maputo, idea

residential building in guimarães

administrative and business center sabaneta real

colombia, idea, shopping, news, public space

parque housing

guimarães, portugal, residential

cs house

guimarães, portugal, residential

candoso s.martinho school centre

archdaily, guimarães, portugal, school

platform of arts and creativity

guimarães, portugal, rehabilitation, services, public space, culture

l23 house

swimming pool, guimarães, portugal, residential

uno shopping center

argel, idea, shopping, services

indigo building

maputo, residential

two houses in largo do trovador

portugal, rehabilitation, residential

apartment at póvoa de varzim

portugal, rehabilitation, residential

acl house

portugal, residential

landscape design for a house

guimarães, portugal, landscaping

quinta da laje house

portugal, residential

technology transfer centre building

portugal, services

terra quente private hospital

portugal, services

the alfredo pimenta municipal archive

portugal, services

tulip hotel

ghana, hotel, accra

universo building

portugal, residential

vila flor cultural center

guimarães, publications, portugal, rehabilitation, public space, culture

nossa senhora da conceição school

portugal, shcool

multi-use pavilion of guimarães

guimarães, portugal, services

house +

mozambique, nampula, residential

guimarães private hospital

portugal, services

center for advanced post-graduate formation

portugal, school, rehabilitation

mozambique olympic committee headquarters

mozambique, maputo, services