house +

mozambique, nampula, residential

HOUSE + was a new challenge for the professional activity of Pitágoras.
It consisted of developing a house concept and launching it as a market product.
It arose from the concrete need to build a condominium in Nacala, Mozambique,
whose construction should be anything but traditional, mainly on account of issues
of time and the manpower available.

The initial idea foresaw the transformation of 40 foot containers into one-bedroom
As the cost of transport affected the final price, this initial idea evolved to a steel
frame structure assembled on site.
This solution lent enormous versatility to the concept, not only with regard to the assembly
sites, as the constructions could be installed in less accessible locations, but
also in terms of the possible typologies and of the better adaptation of the spaces.
HOUSE + focuses on quality construction and a simple, differentiated design. It is a
fairly competitive solution in the market of prefabricated homes.

Casas Pré Fabricadas · Pre fab Houses
Arquitetura Architecture
Pitágoras Arquitectos
Estruturas Structures
Projegui, Lda.
Marco Beleza Vieira, Eng.º Civil
Acústica e Térmica Acoustic and termal
Marco Beleza Vieira, Eng.º Civil
Fiscalização Supervision
Tiago Costa, Eng.º Civil
Construção Contractor
Localização Site
Nacala-a-Velha · Nampula
Data Date