pitagoras group: launch event

May 30, 2015 | news

The launch event of the Pitagoras Group brand took place on May 29, at Jofebar.

With established presence in several international markets, Pitágoras starts a new phase of activity, Pitagoras Group, based on a transformation of the functional structure, associated with a new image, in order to adjust to its new reality.

Two hundred people attended the event organized by Pitágoras, in partnership with Uzina Books publisher, which included several moments: a retrospective of the 25 years of the company’s work, presentation of the book “Pitágoras Arquitectos, obras recentes” and the launch of the Pitagoras Group brand.

The retrospective of the work done in the latest years was presented through an exhibition of several works that allowed the guests to get to know the company’s work in its several fields of intervention.

The book presentation had the intervention of the editor José Manuel das Neves and the author of the critical text Pedro Bandeira who emphasized the work done by Pitágoras through the years.