Exceptional and successful buildings comprehend the spirit of its location, maintaining a unique identity.

Are visually attractive, comfortable, flexible, secure and efficient, a pleasure to inhabit, an investment that add real value to their owners and users.

At Pitagoras Group we work in collaboration with clients, communities, companies and users, to create all around functional buildings.

We direct each project, either local or international, big or small, for client satisfaction, with a foundation on strong architectural ethics and principles. Therefore we’re able to keep a pattern of quality and consistency in all the markets we work.

engineering project

We provide, control and manage all the engineering needed for the project to have a quality result.

We articulate all the technical needs and make them an integrated part of project, ensuring efficiency and a rigorous management from the first to the last moment.


Has consultants we help our clients achieve the best options for their business, market position and asset management.

We cross the inception strategy with the creation of successful solutions, always founded on reality and feasibility.

Our services include strategy planning, real estate, portfolio analysis and relocation analysis.

business planning

We develop the business plan for our clients, identifying the market opportunities and what we believe to be the correct approach. We propose an adequate path personalized for each investor, based on his profile and potential.

economic research

Founded in the experience acquired for many years, we prepare the needed research to support the investments, based on the information gather specifically for the market at issue and on the kind of operation we’re evaluating.

investor prospection

We colaborate on the investor prospection, institutional or private, gathering capital for any business that might be proposed to us, either by partnership has by external investors.

concept design

We assume the concept control so we can fulfill and surpass all our client expectations. Thinking in a fast, efficient and objective way, we are able to walk side by side with all our client aspirations and dreams.

program management

The functional program resolution is a solid foundation to every building.

Has a practice we’ve reached a high level by developing the programmatic design in a concise and rigorous fashion, our professionals exhaustive approach has been providing the right path for each project to reach his full potential.

project management

We have a large team that controls all the needed fields, ensuring quality in project development and articulation.

We have extended collaborations with contractors, in line with market value, so we can provide the best conditions to our clients.

cost management

To reach control of the building process we ensure monitoring, so that we’re able to keep the execution deadlines and effectively direct the needed construction correction.

For a full cost control we elaborate a monthly measurement of all the works, we control and analyse all the contractors bills and we elaborate chronogram previsions.


construction quality control

Through construction oversight of all works we are able to ensure a rigorous and quality execution of the project and contract.

We evaluate the quality and capacity of the working professionals, with special attention to the chief contractor who has increased responsibility.


On the construction site, we install a system for better organization management and easier information exchange, that allows us to have keep a enhanced control over the full process.

We gather, process and archive all the records, and elaborate a monthly report that allows the owner to keep track of everything that is going on.